What to Expect When Your Child Returns to In-Person Learning

To address questions regarding In-Person Learning we are providing a short PowerPoint, What to Expect When Your Child Returns to In-Person Learning. The protocols outlined in What to Expect When Your Child Returns to In-Person Learning were developed for our K-5 in-person Elementary Summer School program. It is important to note that these protocols were successfully implemented during the K-5 in-person summer school. Building principals are working on plans to implement these protocols in each elementary school. These plans will be in place when elementary students return to in-person learning in the coming weeks.

Daily Schedule

Students will attend school approximately 3 hours per day four days per week. Wednesday AM will be remote with the whole class. Lunch will not be served at school. Students in each classroom will be divided and assigned to either an AM cohort or a PM cohort in order to maintain physical distancing. Students will have a recess/mask break during each session. The AM session is likely to be 9:00-12:00 and the PM session 1:00-4:00. The district will determine AM/PM designation based on transportation routes. Siblings will be kept on the same schedule. At this time, we continue to collaborate with our teachers’ union to solidify the details of the daily schedule for in-person learning.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Building Cleaning

To mitigate possible spread of the virus, appropriate PPE has been distributed to each school. PPE includes masks for teachers and masks for students who may not have one on a given day. Facilities and classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Classrooms will be disinfected between AM and PM sessions. High touch points such as doorknobs and railings will receive continuous cleaning throughout the day. As the PowerPoint outlines, students will be expected to wear masks and practice physical distancing of 6 feet while at school.

Physical Distancing in the Classroom

Currently the District Facilities and Maintenance Department is in the process of removing furniture in our K-1 classrooms to ensure they will be set up for physical distancing based on guidance of Public Health and CDC. This team will be on-site in each building to assist with this process and they are working directly with principals and staff to set up classroom desks to comply with 6 feet of spacing student-to-student and student-to-teacher desk.

COVID Supervisors and Exposure Protocols

Each Elementary School has a designated COVID Supervisor. The COVID Supervisor is responsible for making sure protocols are carried out and attestation and temperature checks are completed for each student and staff member on a daily basis. All COVID Supervisors have received training on responsibilities and COVID mitigation protocols. They are also the point of contact with the district level COVID Coordinator. Should it be necessary, the district coordinator will provide building level COVID Supervisors guidance on appropriate COVID exposure protocols referencing the King County Schools COVID -19 Response Toolkit.

Classroom Placement and Teacher Assignment

In order to plan for staffing for in-person learning to occur, we are currently gathering information from both teachers and staff. Once all information is gathered, staffing for full remote and in-person learning will be determined. Our hope is to keep all classes including Dual Language, Science Tech. and MERLIN, intact, however, class lists may have to be adjusted, so keeping the same teacher is not guaranteed.