Office Personnel

Accounting Specialist

Accounting Technician

Assistant Principal Support - High School

Assistant to Director - Before & After School Care

Assistant to Director - CTE & Secondary STEM

Assistant to Director - Elementary Special Programs

Assistant to Director - Purchasing

Assistant to Director - Research Assessment

Assistant to Director - Special Services

Assistant to Director - Student Interventions

Assistant to Director - Transportation

Assistant to Principal - Echo Glen

Assistant to Principal - Elementary

Assistant to Principal - Gibson Ek

Assistant to Principal - High School

Assistant to Principal - Middle School

Bookkeeper - ASB

Bookkeeper - High School

Bookkeeper - Middle School

College & Career Specialist

Compliance Specialist

Department Professional - Before & After School Care

Department Professional - Capital Projects

Department Professional - District Facilities

Department Professional - Facilities Department

Department Professional - Student Information Systems

Department Professional - Teaching & Learning

Department Support - Food Service

Department Support - Human Resources

Department Support - Schools

Department Support - Special Services

Department Support - Technology

Department Support - Transportation

Facilities/Athletics/Activities - High School

Facility Use Specialist

Food Services Specialist 

Office Professional - Echo Glen

Office Professional - Elementary

Office Support - Attendance

Office Support - Counseling

Office Support - Data Processor - High School

Payroll Technician

Receptionist - Administration Building

Receptionist - School

Registrar - High School

Registrar - Online Learning

Registrar - Middle School

Special Services Records/Compliance Technician

Substitute Services Technician

Transportation Payroll Technician