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SafeSchools Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log-in for the first time?

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What if I try to log-in and my username doesn't work?

New Employees are entered into SafeSchools manually, if you have recently been hired you may not be logged into the system yet. If it is within a week of your hire date please wait a few days and try again.

If it has been longer than a week since your hire date and you are still unable to sign-in please e-mail Katie will work with you to solve any issues you may be having. 

What courses are required?

CURRENT employees: Follow this link to see what courses are required.

NEW HIRES are required to take the following courses:

  • Boundary Invasion

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention

  • Hazard Communication: Right to Understand

  • HIV/AIDS Awareness

  • Responsible Use Guide: Issaquah School District

  • Run, Hide, Fight

  • What Every Employee Must Be Told

Individuals who MISSED the annual COMPLIANCE TRAINING with Chris Burton are required to take the following courses:

  • Boundary Invasion

  • Bullying: Recognition & Response 

  • Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting

  • Discrimination Awareness in the Workplace

  • Sexual Harassment: Staff-to-Staff

 Do I need to print the "Certificate of Completion" for each course I finish?

We do NOT need a printed copy of the certificates. Please think-green and only print if absolutely necessary. If you would like to keep your certificates as proof that you've finished each course we suggest that you save them to your desktop. You will be able to access your completion certificates for as long as you are active in SafeSchools. If you leave the district and need a copy simply sign in to your account, click on your username (in the upper right side of the home screen), and click "Training History". Every course you have completed (and a certificate for each) will be visible from this page. 

What if I have completed the required courses in another district?

Do you have your completion certificates? Please e-mail them to Katie Pitts at and she will mark your courses as completed.

What if you don’t have completion certificates? Contact your previous district and ask them for a PDF copy of the certificates, then pass them along to Katie Pitts ( 

What is the "Request for Compensation" form, and who needs to fill it out?

This form is for CLASSIFIED HOURLY employees only.

Please follow this link for more information on this form