Classified Hourly Employee - SafeSchools Request for Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to fill out a "Request for Compensation" form?


Can I file for time spent on SafeSchools training during my regular work hours?

NO. The Request for Compensation is to be used to request for compensation for time spent on Mandatory SafeSchools training done outside your regular workday. 

What is the "Request for Compensation" form?

Classified hourly employees are compensated for the time they spend training in safe schools. This form allows you to track the hours you've spent working on your training.

How do I fill it out?

Download and fill out the editable PDF or print the form and fill it out (as shown below*). Once finished please submit it to you supervisor for approval. Your supervisor will pass the completed form onto HR for processing, then HR will send it to Payroll.

SafeSchools gives an estimate of how long each course should take. Please do not bill for time outside of the allotted amount for each training. Example: You take two courses in one day - one that should take 20 minutes and one that should take 15. You can bill 35 minutes max for that day.

*Sample form: Please complete all sections highlighted in yellow

Sample Request for Compensation form. Fields filled: hours, name, rate of pay, date, hours worked, legal name, and signature. for additional help please call HR 4258377060