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  • Completion of a course or course work relating to issues of abuse is required of applicants for a Continuing or Professional Certificate in Washington State. For information regarding the available training via SafeSchools please contact your Site Administrator: 
    Michelle Myers – 425-837-7180 / MyersM2@issaquah.wednet.edu

CERTIFICATED STAFF – Credits & Clock Hours Documentation for Salary Placement

Please remember the following when submitting documentation of credits and clock hours earned for the purpose of calculating salary placement:

  • Academic credits must be submitted via official transcripts from an accredited college or university.
  • SPU clock hours must be submitted via official transcripts.
  • Clock hour forms must be signed by the provider in order to verify the hours have been earned.Clock hour forms submitted for salary placement can be photocopies.
  • Employees are responsible for providing documentation of clock hours earned though Issaquah School District to Human Resources in order for the hours to be included in salary placement calculations. This documentation would be either a copy of the Issaquah School District clock hour form or a copy of the official clock hour transcript from PD Place, depending on when the hours were earned.

In addition, although submission of the Eligible Credits for Salary Placement form is no longer required, courses for credit or clock hours earned after September 1, 1995, must satisfy at least one of the following criteria in order for the credits or clock hours to be recognized for salary placement:

  1. It is consistent with a school-based plan for master of student learning goals as referenced in the annual school performance report for the school in which the individual is assigned;
  2. It pertains to the individual’s current assignment or expected assignment for the following school year;
  3. It is necessary for obtaining an endorsement as prescribed by the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board;
  4. It is specifically required for obtaining advanced levels of certification;
  5. It is included in a college or university degree program that pertains to the individual’s current assignment or potential future assignment as a certificated instructional staff; or
  6. It addresses research-based assessment and instructional strategies for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and language disabilities.

Please contact your Certificated HR Data Specialist if you have any questions regarding this information.

Last Names A-K: Ryanne Baldaccini - BaldacciniR@issaquah.wednet.edu (425) 837-7116

Last Names L-Z: Katrina Whitley - WhitleyK@issaquah.wednet.edu (425) 837-7057