How do I view the identification I've previously uploaded?

Click the "My Checklist" tab, then "My Uploads". To view the ID you previously uploaded click on the document title as shown below. 

*Note: When asked to verify your photo identification please ensure your ID is unexpired with your name, birthday, and photo fully visible. If these criteria are not met we may remove the file and ask you to submit another form of identification.

I am unable to upload my ID, what should I do?

First, please try signing in to the HRM volunteer portal from a different web browser, often this solves the issue. If you are unable to upload your ID from another browser you are welcome to e-mail a copy to:, we will upload the identification on your behalf. 

How do I log-in to my existing account and add or remove a location? 

Please use the following step-by-step PDF for Completing an Existing Volunteer Application.