Student Schedules and Course Selection

Student Schedules and Course Selection

Student Schedules

For students whose parents/guardians have completed the RSVP process, schedules will be available to view in Student Access at 8:00 am on August 23rd.  Please note that the schedules are not 100% firm, as there is always some fluidity with enrollment numbers prior to the start of school.  


Course Change Process

Students are expected to take the classes they request since this is how we create our master schedule and hire and assign school staff.  There is not enough space in other classes to accommodate widespread changes for unnecessary reasons.   

Appropriate reasons for schedule change requests:  

  1. Seniors who are lacking in a graduation requirement
  2. Students who are misplaced in a course - examples include wrong level of math, wrong level of world language, took summer school for the course, teacher recommends a change to another level based on student level
  3. Incomplete schedule, or double booked period
  4. Running Start schedule conflicts with high school schedule

Please see our Fall 2021 Schedule Change Process document where you can find important information about dates, deadlines, and how to make these types of requests.  Please note counselors will only be processing schedule change requests through drop-in meetings via Zoom and in person.  No schedule change requests will be processed via email.