Family Resources

Parent Guide to Problem Solving

The first point of contact to resolve any concerns should be the people the concern is directly regarding. If a student is having an issue with a teacher about a grade, a coach about playing time, etc. we should try our best to have them practice having conversations that address their concerns in a kind and solution oriented manner. Please follow the link above for guidance on additional steps to take. 

Free and Reduced Meals 

Please apply for free and reduced meals if you think you may qualify, even though meals will be provided at no charge to all students this year. Families that qualify may be eligible for additional benefits. Eligibility is based on several factors, including family income level. Apply online here.

Scholarships for those in Financial Need 

Scholarships are available for families who qualify.  In order to apply for a scholarship, please apply through ISD’s Free and Reduced Lunch Program.  When completing the application, please make sure you sign the form on item #7 so that your eligibility information may be shared with your specific school.  By doing so, you may have access to additional scholarship opportunities, including sports and ASB fees.  Please visit the ISD’s Free and Reduced Lunch website for an application to apply for this program at 


    New Families that have established residence in the IHS attendance area:

    Information about enrolling at Issaquah High School can be found at our Enrollment page on the Counseling Website.

    If you have moved here in the summer, you may also want to check the Summer Reading page to see if any course that your student is enrolling in might have summer reading.

    Our PTSA has established the IH PTSA Ambassador Program. Once your student is registered, if you would like to be linked with a IH PTSA Ambassador Program, please click on the following link:  New to IHS Family Information Link  The IH PTSA Ambassador Program will connect you with an established IHS parent so that you have an experienced resource whom you can contact with questions about your new school and area. Please note that the IH PTSA New Ambassador Program is facilitated entirely through the PTSA and is not facilitated through the school.   

    Prospective Families that are not residing in the IHS attendance area yet:

    Occasionally we get requests for tours and/or informational meetings from families that may be looking for schools in the area.  Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate tours or meetings for families that do not currently live in the Issaquah High School attendance area.  Issaquah High School is a closed campus and we do not have the resources for this kind of service. We do, however, want to offer as much information about our school and programs so that you may make an informed decision if you are moving to this area.  Below is some general information that may be helpful:

    School Profile:  The 2019-20 School Profile provides some general information about the school.

    Academics:  Students make course choices from our Course Guide.  Graduation requirements are also listed in this document.

    Sports and Activities:  Students have a wide variety of athletic and activity opportunities.

    School Policies:  These are listed in the Student Handbook.

    School Culture:  Though we don’t offer individual tours, you may want to look at some of the following links to get a good feel for the environment at Issaquah High School: