Parking & Traffic Safety

Parking Applications

Parking Consent Forms will be collected between September 4th and September 6th. Each student driver will need to fill out their own form and present it along with their driver's license to Mr. Lasher, in the Security Office. Students wishing to carpool will need to turn in forms together, and all drivers in a carpool will need to present their licenses. All considered for carpools need at least 2 licensed drivers. One MUST be of at least intermediate status. The fee for parking is $140. The fee for WaNic/running start parking is $70. WaNic/running start students must only be on campus for three or fewer periods to obtain parking.

We have a limited number of stalls at IHS, therefore we will issue stalls in the lottery in the following order. Carpools are selected first, single senior drivers are second, and single junior drivers are third. All forms must be turned between the 4th-6th of September, with no exceptions. A list will be formulated and posted on Tuesday the 10th. If your name is on the list, you will have until September 13th to pay the bookkeeper. The bookkeeper will close her doors at 2:30 daily. All fines and fees must be paid prior to paying for parking.  Any space not paid for by the 13 will be forfeited and reassigned. All fines and fees must be paid before a stall can be paid for.

Parking will be open for all until September 13th, but only in the Student Parking Lots.  Any student who parks in staff, parking fire lane, the parent drop off lane, or any place outside of student parking will be ticketed or towed. However, parking tickets will still be given for students parking in visitor, staff, drop off, or any non-designated parking area.


Parking on campus is reserved for carpoolers, seniors, and juniors. For increased security and protection, ALL students who drive to school must register their vehicles. Parking rules and regulations are available on the school website. Parking and driving are considered privileges. All parking and driving regulations are strictly enforced. Violations may lead to suspension of privileges, fine/ticket, towing of vehicle, school discipline, and/or police notification. Vehicles are not to be used for storage during the school day. Students who are found in the parking lot, loitering in their vehicles during the school day, or littering are subject to discipline. Security cameras are in use. Speed limit of 10 mph is strictly enforced.

If students desire parking privileges, they agree not to allow contraband in their automobiles. They agree that their vehicles are subject to search by school officials if the officials develop individualized suspicion that student(s) are or have been violating a law or student conduct rule. Students and their families understand the parking lots will be subject to periodic patrols by drug-sniffing dogs at times when the students are not in the vicinity of the dogs. Students agree that if a drug-sniffing dog “hits’ on their vehicle while it is parked on school premises, school officials will have the authority to search the vehicle. If students refuse to allow searches of vehicles by school officials in such circumstances, students will lose their parking privileges and must understand that the Issaquah School District will presume that the dogs have accurately discovered contra-band in determining whether student disciplinary action is warranted. See Board Regulation 3230 Student Privacy and Searches.

Parking Consent Form

Traffic Safety

The Fall session of the Issaquah High School Traffic Safety Education program is now full and closed for enrollment.