Associated Student Body (ASB)

The Associated Student Body (ASB) represents all students at Issaquah High School. All students are eligible to be ASB members by simply purchasing an ASB membership. Each Spring students elect an Executive Board which serves as a voice to administration, manages the ASB budget, and leads the student body. Following Executive Board Elections, applications for the general ASB class are made available. Applicants are invited for interviews, and the class is selected by committee of the newly elected executive officers and ASB advisor.

How can ASB help you? 

  • Provide funds and resources for your club
  • Advocate for student needs and interests to school administrators
  • Host dances and events that increase school spirit
  • Serve to improve the student experience at IHS
  • Connect you with groups, clubs, activities or people at IHS

ASB Executive Board 2021-22

   President Doris Wang

   Vice President Danielle Levin

   Secretary Brogan Brown

   Treasurer Libby Yoon

   Student Activities Coordinator Chloe Feyerick

Contact the Executive Board: