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As of 2.1.21, we have moved to Phase 2, which has opened up athletic opportunities! Please refer to the Return to Participation Plan, RTP 3.0, for details on where we are at,  what we are allowed to do according to phase, and of course, protocols and state/DOH guidelines. Because of moving to Phase 2,  indoor use is permitted, and will be available for athletic programs Monday Feb 8. Additionally, programs can now expand their workouts according to guidelines.

Sports Participation 2020-2021

Athletic Director:  Luke Ande

Athletic Secretary: Laura Couty

Athletic Trainer:  TBD 


Sports Fees: $100 per sport, per student annual maximum of $200
ASB Fee: $30

Attention families of Issaquah students that will be participating in any school sports for 2020-2021.

Original physical along with other required registration documents are to be turned in to the bookkeeping and then athletic offices during the three main open athletic registration periods.

Please make & keep extra copies of your student’s physicals!!

Parents will need extra physical copies for any students who plan on participating in any spring or summer type camps at the end of the school year!!  

The Athletic Registration process for the 2019-2020 school year requires you to register online AND submit documents in person to the Bookkeeper and Athletic Secretary.  Online registration for FALL SPORTS will be available starting August 1st.  From August 12th-23rd, during the hours of 8:00am-2pm, the Bookkeeper and Athletic Secretary will accept the required documents to complete the Athletic Registration process.  All forms must be turned in by Tuesday, August 20th for football, which starts on August 21st and Friday, August 23rd for all other sports that start on August 26th.  Forms will NOT be accepted on Monday, August 26th.

Paperwork that was turned in for Spring/Summer activities is not the same as Winter Sports registration. Please make sure if you are planning to participate in Winter Athletics you follow the instructions for the online registration.

Winter & Spring Sports physicals should not be turned in until later, during those open registration dates.  Registration open times for those sports seasons will be updated on the Issaquah High School website under the athletic tab later.  Winter sports open registration will begin somewhere towards the end of October and Spring sports registration will start around the end of January or early February.

For further fall sports registration information please visit the Athletic Registration link.

New Student Athletes

Any new student to the Issaquah School District (Issaquah), private school or home school students must first be cleared & registered through the schools registrar in the counseling office prior to registering for sports!  The clearance process may take anywhere from 24-48 hours to get cleared & entered in our system!  This must be done prior to starting the online registration process so please plan accordingly!

All private school, home school, and running start students must PROVIDE CURRENT TRANSCRIPTS in order to complete the grade verification process for initial athletic registration. 

After you have been cleared by the school registrar and are listed in the school’s  system, in order to be "CLEARED/ELIGIBLE," The online registration, plus any additional required forms MUST be submitted to the Bookkeeping office first & then the Athletic Department office during the open registration periods both are located in the IHS commons.

 All Running Start students must fill out the :    Running Start Form

‚ÄčAll "home-school" students must fill out the:     Homebase Educational Form


At IHS sporting events, all spectators are asked to positively support their team, which includes avoiding cheers that include profanity, are derogatory in nature, or single specific people out. The IHS administrators will ensure this by reserving the right to remove those breaking IHS or KingCo Fan rules from the event. The rules outlined in the student handbook apply to all IHS related activities, and consequences as outlined in the Student Discipline Rules and Violations section of the student handbook will apply.

IHS fans are to embody the KingCo Athletics’ Fan Sportsmanship slogan of “Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Positive.” Fans are expected to refrain from cheers and remarks that include profanity, are derogatory in nature, or single anyone out. IHS administrators and supervisors reserve the right to remove those suspected of breaking IHS rules or KingCo fan expectations from the event. The rules and guidelines included in the student handbook applies to all IHS related activities. Consequences as outlined in the Student Discipline Rules and Violations section of the student handbook will apply.