Winter Sports

2020-2021 Winter Sports

Registration for winter sports is now open. Eligibility must be completed in “Final Forms” by Friday 4/2/21 in order to participate in tryouts on Monday 4/5/21. Gymnastics will need to be done by Friday 3/26/21 to start on 3/29/21. You will need to pay your fees through the pay online system.

First Day Information



Practice is from 4-6pm

Sport Start Date Coach Time and Location
Boys Swim 4/5Laura Halter Practice times will be dependent on roster numbers and dive practice times. An email will be sent through Final Forms after registration closes.
Gymnastics 3/29Ryan Fleisher Meet in the Aux Gym (across from the entrance to the locker rooms) Monday March 29th at 3:45pm dressed in comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.  Bring a leotard, shorts and shirt to change into.  Please bring a water bottle, hand sanitizer and all belongings in a bag.  No jewelry. Space is limited so please do not bring any unnecessary or extra items.  We will begin promptly at 3:45 Monday March 29th (we start 1 week prior to all other winter sports).  Try outs will be Monday and Tuesday.  All forms in Final Forms must be completed and all fees paid by Friday March 26th at the very latest
Wrestling 4/5Cameron McGinnisPractice is from 4-6pm.
Girls Basketball 4/5 Doug Crandall Check in will start at 9:45 am outside the main gym. Tryouts will go from 10:00-12:00. Black shorts, t-shirt, athletic shoes.
Boys Basketball 4/5 Brad
Check in will start at 5:40 pm outside the main gym. Tryouts will be from 6:00-8:00. Wear athletic shirts/shorts and basketball shoes. No hats or jewelry will be allowed. Basketballs will be provided.