Dress Code

Student Dress 2018-19

Student Dress

Clothing worn by students should be modest, neat, clean, presentable and appropriate for the school setting.   Wear seasonally appropriate attire.

  1. Clothing and other items with questionable pictures or words are not permitted including references to violence and illegal substances.
  2. Appropriate headgear is allowed in common spaces, but heads and faces must be uncovered in most classrooms, unless for religious reasons or special occasions. These may be allowed at teacher discretion.
  3. Any clothing or footwear that causes a disruption to the learning environment or that is unsafe or is inappropriate for school is not permitted.

Inappropriately dressed students will be asked to make appropriate changes. If the student refuses, the student is subject to disciplinary action. District Regulation #3224 Student Dress - complete copy can be obtained from any school. These rules apply to all school events as well.