Do you want to create a new club at IMS? If so, please follow this simple procedure below to get your club started.


  1. Meet with Mr. Dorsett or Ms. Turnley during homeroom. 
  2. Complete the form with interested students.
  3. Give a typed copy of this form to Mr. Dorsett or Ms. Turnley
  4. Your club will be voted on at the next possible Student Senate meeting and you will be informed of the outcome. You may attend this Senate Meeting to persuade the Senators to approve your club.
  5. If your club is approved, your Club President or Club Advisor must notify the office of meeting dates and times.
  6. If your club is approved, your Club Advisor must check in with Mr. Dorsett or Ms. Turnley and Mrs. Mullvain regarding allotted hours before beginning club meetings.

Forming an IMS Club

ClubMeeting Time
Anti-Social Club/ Art Club

Tuesdays in Room 2205

Advisor: Ms. Smith

Black Student Union

Thursdays in Room 3203.

Advisors: Mr. Cottom and Mrs. Stevens

Book Club

Tuesdays in Portable 3

Advisor: Mrs. Foust

Chess Club

Thursdays in Room 3204

Advisor: Mr. Brandt

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Tuesdays in Room 3205

Advisor: Ms. O'Neill


Tuesdays in Room 2206.

Advisor: Mz. Weed

Green Team

Thursdays in Room 3206.

Advisor: Mr. Wieland

Math Club

Mondays in Room 3215.

Advisor: Mrs. Brewster

Ping Pong Club

Mondays, starting Nov. 29th in the first floor hallway

Advisor: Ms. O'Neill


Additional after school opportunities available through the IM PTSA and the Issaquah Community Center.

* Funded by the Issaquah Schools Foundation

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