Student Recognition (MVP)

    Student Recognition (MVP)

    IMS Most Valuable Panthers (MVP)

    Most Valuable Panther

    Theme for the Month


    COMMITMENT - Sticking to your choices.  A willingness to practice and fulfill your obligations or goals even when it is challenging or you don't feel like it.





    PATIENCE - Responding with our values or our beliefs rather than our impulses or our immediate feelings.



    HUMILITY - Being authentic without being arrogant.  Understanding that everyone has something to teach you.



    SELFLESSNESS - Thinking about other peoples' needs and making sacrifices of time, energy, money, pride or service to meet those needs.



    KINDNESS - Giving attention, appreciation, and encouragement with words, gifts or actions.



    RESPECT - Treating others as if they were important (because they are).  Valuing people for their humanity, even though they might be different than you.




    HONESTY - Being free from deception - not only saying true things, but living a life that is consistent.



    FORGIVENESS - Letting go of pain or resentment towards our self or others.  Trying to understand what makes us all imperfect and working to accept those imperfections.