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Eureka Math

Eureka Math

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A new curriculum for a new day Developed specifically to meet the new standards, Eureka Math offers a compre... Posted January 15, 2015

Eureka Math Resources

Where can I find resources and information to help my child?

"We understand that parents are their child’s chief advocate and most essential teacher – at homework time and always." You may want to access a variety of helpful resources, including:

  • Parent Roadmaps to explain what a Eureka Math student will be studying in the coming year and share strategies that you can employ to facilitate learning outside of the classroom. A great way to begin bridging the gap between the way math was once taught and today’s techniques.
  • Parent tip sheets to help parents address questions children may have about Eureka Math at home. Tip sheets are available for each module for Grades K through 8. They provide an overview of the module and include suggested strategies and models, key vocabulary, connections to previous learning, and tips for how you can support your child’s learning at home. 


Helpful Links

Math Skills Support

  • Zearn - Lessons and skills practice, aligned with Eureka
  • Khan Academy - Videos to support topics/concepts

Other Links

Curriculum and Standards

Homework Support

Don't forget to ask your child's teacher for the Homework Helper for your module!