Frequently Asked Questions

Access to our building is limited and controlled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Main Office can be accessible by appointment Monday - Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Please call the Main Office or email to schedule.

In order to access the building, we will ask you to follow these protocols:  

    Answer screening questions regarding COVID-19  

    Take your temperature   

    Wear a face covering   

    Use hand sanitizer  

    Practice physical distancing of 6 feet apart at all times   

If these protocols are uncomfortable for you and you choose not to participate in the screening or other required behaviors, we will do our best to assist you via a phone call or Zoom on the internet. 

All absences must be reported to the school office  

Reporting Absences:  

    Email & cc: Teacher  

    Call the attendance line at 425-837-6600 

Please include the following information:  

    Student Name  


    Dates of absence  

    Reason for absence  

To indicate if your student will be participating Asynchronously:  

    Use the new Parent and Guardian Attendance Reporting online form  

If you have any questions, please contact us at 425-837-6600. Thank you for your partnership as we support our students with online learning! 

The following are some resources for Technology Support that you can access as we troubleshoot problems. You are also always welcome to call our main office at 425-837-6600. We are here to help you!  

Need a Laptop and/or Hot spot?  

Link for Late Tech Equipment Reservations:  

Clever Log In Support  

For student technical needs please contact your individual school.

This is noted on the Clever Portal Page on the district website. 

Digital Resources for Students

Link for digital resources

In this remote world and with winter weather coming, we are bound to encounter days when a family’s or teacher’s power/internet goes out. While technology is a wonderful tool it can also be frustrating so we want to have a plan a head of time in case your student or class encounters this issue. Your classroom teacher has probably already shared this information with your student and we wanted to be sure everyone was prepared. 

Here’s what to do:  

If a teacher’s power/internet goes out during a class zoom meeting:  

    Students stay on the zoom call for 2-3 minutes in the hopes the power (and teacher) is able to log back on quickly.  

    After about 3 minutes, students should sign off the call and continue working asynchronously. This work may include: iReady, Lexia, math problem set, incomplete work and/or silently read. The teacher/office will send an email to the families when their power/internet has returned, notifying the students to return to the next live lesson.  

    Students should still go to their specialist classes (music, PE, Library) and any intervention small group classes such as LRC, Speech, Reading Club, ELL, etc. at their designated time.  

If a student’s power/internet goes out at home during a class zoom meeting:  

    Please send an email or call if/when possible, to the teacher and/or office to let us know so that we know why your child missed class.  

    Once your power is restored, student should join the class zoom if applicable, and watch any recorded lessons they missed. 

    Watching recorded lessons and completing any work will change the absence to present 

There are situations that come up for staff ( appointments, illness, bereavement, etc.). We have also had a number of family emergency situations that have led to staff needing to be out for a portion of time or a full day.  

In our remote learning format, teachers are not provided with a guest teacher unless they are out for 3 days or more, as teachers are able to push out meaningful learning activities through our asynchronous format.  

An Issaquah Valley Certificated staff member will welcome your child’s class, take attendance and make sure that students know the plan for asynchronous learning for the day. They will be there to provide support and answer any questions about the day during the Morning Meeting time.  

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility should this occur with your child’s class. 

If a student damages school technology, the family will be responsible for the repair or replacement. This expectation is the same whether we are in person or remote. If you would like to purchase optional insurance for your laptop, you may do so through one of the many companies who offer laptop and device insurance online such as Worth Ave. Group ( When selecting coverage, please refer to the replacement costs table for the appropriate value of your student device. Device serial number is listed on the equipment. 

    Laptop: $552  

    Hot Spot: $84  

    Power Supply: $25  

As part of our elementary school schedule, students have two 15 minute recess breaks plus an hour long recess/lunch break each day. Students and families are encouraged to use this time for breaks from classroom learning and are welcome to set their own activities. In addition, our Music, PE, and Library Specialists have put together a list of optional activities for your child to choose from during recess time.