School Nurse

Issaquah Valley

Kristi Lincicome, MSN, RN

School Nurse for Issaquah Valley Elementary School, Holly Street Early Childhood Education Campus, the ISD Preschool Academies at Holly Street and IVE

Contact info:


FAX 425-837-6605


Weekly Schedule:

Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm

Wed only 8am-4pm


Medical Forms

All medical forms for the Issaquah School District, may be found on the main district website, at this link Health Forms.

Covid-19 Information:

Information for Covid-19 for the Issaquah School District may be found on the district's Covid-19 page, you may follow this link: ISD Covid-19 Homepage

Covid-19 information for King County, may be found on the public health website, or by using the following link: King County Public Health