Advanced Placement (AP)

Exception Testing

  • The week of June 15, students eligible to take exception exams will be notified by email, and will get their exception testing e-tickets two days before each exam. Learn more about the policies for exception testing and the testing schedule.
  • Note: If students send unscorable responses via the backup email submission option, they will automatically get a chance to retest during the exception testing window.

Free Score Report Deadline (Important for Seniors)

  • June 20 is the deadline for students to indicate or change their free score report recipient in My AP. Students can indicate through My AP the college, university, or scholarship program they'd like to receive their free score report.

AP Score Release

  • Students will be able to view their AP Exam scores starting July 15. Access is based on students' physical location.


Please contact Mrs. Armstrong if you have any questions about AP testing. 

What is Advanced Placement (AP)?

Advanced Placement (AP) is a College Board program (like the PSAT and SAT). The AP exam is a culmination of content learned in a year-long course. These courses are college-level and accelerated. Liberty HS offers 20 AP courses that span all subject areas.

AP College Board Advanced Placement Program logo

Before considering taking an AP course, it is important to familiarize yourself with what an AP course actually entails. This is time-consuming, challenging coursework, so make sure you actually like the subject, want the challenge, feel confident with the material, and have time to devote. The AP course descriptions in the Course Guide will give you an idea of what is expected in each course, what prior knowledge and experience may be helpful, etc. For more information about our AP course offerings, please refer to our Course Guide.

The AP exams occur in the first two full weeks of May of each year and are 2-3.25 hours long (length varies by subject area). AP exam scores are available in July and students can send scores to colleges to receive college credit. Each college will have their respective AP exam score policy. AP exam scores are not required for college admission.

General AP information via College Board:

AP Courses

Subject Area Course (Teacher Website)

2-D Art (Cooper)
3-D Art (Helmick)


English Language and Composition (Daughters)
English Literature and Composition (Dragavon)

Social Studies

US Government and Politics (Cooke)
US History (Darnell)
World History: Modern (Kurtz)


Calculus AB (Kennedy)
Calculus BC (Kruzich)
Statistics (Kruzich)


Biology (Stephens)
Chemistry (Schneider)
Environmental Science (Dennis)

Social Sciences

Human Geography (Antrim, Fannon)
Psychology (Henry)


Computer Science A (Woffinden)
Computer Science Principles (Woffinden)

World Languages

French (Maciel)
Japanese (Abe)
Spanish (Noon)