All students who drive to school must register their vehicles. Parking rules and regulations are available on the school website. Parking and driving are considered privileges. All parking and driving regulations are strictly enforced. Violations may lead to suspension of privileges, fine/ticket, towing of vehicle, school discipline, and/or police notification. Vehicles are not to be used for storage during the school day. Students who are found in the parking lot, loitering in their vehicles during the school day, or littering are subject to discipline. Security cameras are in use. Speed limit of 10 mph is strictly enforced. If students desire parking privileges, they agree not to allow contraband in their automobiles. They agree that their vehicles are subject to search by school officials if the officials develop individualized suspicion that student(s) are or have been violating a law or student conduct rule. Students and their families understand the parking lots will be subject to periodic patrols by drug-sniffing dogs at times when the students are not in the vicinity of the dogs. Students agree that if a drugsniffing dog “hits’ on their vehicle while it is parked on school premises, school officials will have the authority to search the vehicle. If students refuse to allow searches of vehicles by school officials in such circumstances, students will lose their parking privileges and must understand that the Issaquah School District will presume that the dogs have accurately discovered contra-band in determining whether student disciplinary action is warranted. See Board Regulation #3230 – Student Privacy and Searches.

Parking is limited to those students who have legally registered cars and driver’s licenses and who have obtained an LHS parking permit. Parking permits are obtained by registering the vehicle, parent and student signature agreeing to regulations, and paying a registration fee of $140.00/year or $70.00/semester. At the time of registration, each driver is given a full copy of parking rules and regulations. Failure to follow those regulations can result in a fine of $20.00 that must be paid within five school days of receipt. Failure to pay parking fines or drivers who receive four or more tickets may be subject to school disciplinary action up to and including loss of parking privileges and towing at vehicle owner’s expense. The School District, Liberty High School, or its agents cannot be held liable for damage or loss due to theft or vandalism.