Returning to Campus/Please Remember:

If you are ill, stay home, report
absences here or email our
attendance office at 

Students must use the main
entrance at the front of the school

Make sure your student wears warm
clothing and has a jacket or umbrella:
Attestation and temperature checks are
completed before students can enter the
building.  Windows will be opened often
for fresh air

Complete the attestation before
coming to school, this makes it
much faster in order to enter:

Show the Green check mark on the phone
or printed version.  If a student does not
have confirmation, they’ll be asked to
complete a paper attestation before
entering the building

Once in the building, go directly to class;
no congregating or gathering so we can
allow for social distancing

Masks are required at all times except
for eating

No snacks or food in class

It is a good idea to bring a water bottle

Hallways and stairways are marked so
that students stay to the right and
remain distanced

Capacity limits are posted on each bathroom
.  Every other stall is closed to promote
social distancing. 
Students will only be allowed
to leave the classroom one at a time to use
the restroom.

Students will be assigned to zones in the
Commons and Main gym

When school ends, students should go
directly to their cars, to the parent pick-up
zone or to the bus lane and leave campus,
unless staying for official after-school
activities such as sports


Return to In-Person Hybrid Learning/Concurrent Livestreaming

Students with Alpha A-LU will attend IN-PERSON on Mondays & Tuesdays
Students with 
Alpha LUE-Z will be REMOTE Concurrent Livestreaming Mondays & Tuesdays
Wednesdays will continue with SEL Lesson and Teacher/Student Support
Students with Alpha A-LU will be REMOTE Concurrent Livestreaming on Thursdays & Fridays
Students with 
Alpha LUE-Z will attend IN-PERSON Thursdays and Fridays

Students need to follow the
NEW Bell Schedule even on days when they are scheduled to be remote on their in-person option days.

On-Campus COVID Safety Protocols -
Masks and Daily Attestation

All students will be required to wear a face covering in order to attend school.

  • If you believe your student needs an accommodation (through 504 or IEP process) because they are unable to wear a face covering please contact Loren Krogstad, Assistant Principal, by Friday, April 9th. 
  • Students will not be allowed in classrooms if they refuse to wear a face covering. 

All parents/guardians must complete a daily attestation for their student prior to arriving at the school site in order for their child to enter the school building. Students will not be allowed to attend school without a completed attestation. 

  • Each school day, an email will be automatically sent to the contact designated as “Parent 1” in Skyward (for students with more than one family of record the message will only go to Parent 1). The email will contain a link to a form that asks whether students are experiencing COVID symptoms or have had exposure to COVID. Based on these responses, the form will indicate whether or not your student is cleared to attend school in-person that day.
  • These emails will begin on Monday, April 12 to allow one day of practice for parents to learn and become comfortable with the process.
  • After you receive your initial email, you may sign-up to also receive the daily attestation form by text message to a cell number of your choosing, if you prefer.
  • No visitors and/or volunteers will be allowed on campus.
  • Please schedule an appointment by contacting the school office if you need to drop off or pick-up materials for your student.