Scope & Sequence

Institutions of American Government 

Public Opinion and Political Behavior 

Civil Rights and Liberties  


Essential Learnings

Analytical writing including thesis development, critical analysis, and evidence support 

Research skills including evidence selection, cross referencing, and source evaluation 

Collaborative discussions on different texts, topics and ideas in a variety of formats. 


3 Branches of Government

Civic Action/Political Participation

Civil Liberties

Student’s Rights

US Constitution 


Understands Civic Involvement 

Analyses and evaluates ways of influencing national governments to establish or preserve individual rights and/or promote the common good. 

Uses critical reasoning skills to analyze and evaluate positions 

Analyzes consequences of positions on an issue or event. 

Evaluates the precision of a position on an issue or event. 

Uses inquiry-based research. 

Creates and uses research questions that are tied to an essential question to focus inquiry on an idea, issue, or event. 

Evaluates the validity, reliability, and credibility of sources when researching an issue or event. 

Deliberate public issues. 

Evaluates one’s own viewpoint and the viewpoints of others in the context of a discussion.