Site Council

Site Council


The Maple Hills Site Council is a recommending, rather than defining committee, made up of administrators, parents, staff, and community members. The role of the committee is to consider major school issues needing broad study, perspective, and discussion.

Parents and staff work cooperatively to develop recommendations that best serve all students of our community.

Recommendations are developed in cooperation with the professional staff for consensus and support before final adoption and implementation.

Roles and Responsibilities of Site Council Representatives

  • Act as a liaison for the constituency to inform and communicate to and from the council
  • Represent your constituency’s perspective in council discussions
  • Consider what is best for all children at Maple Hills
  • Consider and respect all points of views of other council members
  • Support all decisions adopted by the council
  • Participate in additional study that may be necessary

Site Council Self Nomination Form

Issues and Concerns

Focus questions or concerns may be brought to the site council: 

  • Obtain a Focus Question form from the school office
  • Communicate with any site council member


Meetings are held one Friday a month from 8:00-9:00 a.m. in the school Library. 

Meetings times may vary. 

Parents and community members are welcome at all meetings.


A summary of each meeting is published on the school’s E–News

It is also available on the Site Council Minutes.

Contact Information

Call the school office at 425-837-5100 to confirm meeting times or for assistance in reaching a council member.