Classroom Placement

In late April, parents are invited to provide written input on classroom assignments by sending a letter to the principal’s attention by a specified deadline.

In June, teachers and specialist begin working together to create balanced classes using the following criteria:

  • The program needs of the students
  • Motivational level of the students
  • Behavior factors regarding students
  • Social needs of students and their leadership skills
  • A balance of achievement levels in reading and math
  • The compatibility of students with each other (such as separating those who have not worked well together in the past)
  • Information provided by the teacher through previous parent/teacher conferences
  • Recommendations of former teachers, principal, parents, guidance team, or related information forwarded from a previous school.
  • Classroom configuration, i.e. ratio of boys to girls

From the end of June into August adjustments are made to incorporate new students and increased/decreased staffing.

The following is the process for initialing potential changes in student class assignments. 

After two full weeks of school

Parents and staff will evaluate how assignments are working for students.  If there are concerns, the following steps should be taken;

  • Parents and teachers meet to problem solve.
  • If concerns continue, information is provided in writing.  A “Review of Assignments” form is available in the office for this purpose. 

The request for change in assignments will be evaluated by the building principal and the building’s Guidance Team.  Grade level teams may also be involved.  Parents will be informed of the group decision within 30 school days.

The Maple Hills staff takes the task of student placement very seriously. We can assure you that each grade level team takes a great deal of time, effort, and care in developing classroom rosters that result in offering your child a quality educational experience. It is our desire to provide every child with equal consideration in the placement process.