ISD COVID Safety Handbook for Elementary Students


Dear Elementary School Families,

This Hybrid Handbook for families has been created to let you know what COVID mitigation procedures will be in place and what the learning environment will be like at school when students return to in-person learning. Our district website contains additional resources on return to in-person learning and Health and Safety Plans. These are valuable resources that we hope you take time to look through. They contain specific and detailed information about district-wide expectations, procedures, and protocols regarding safety in the hybrid setting.

You can access resources described by clicking here.

Thank you in advance for taking time to review this Elementary Hybrid Handbook. You will see that we have put forth great effort to ensure student and staff safety and to comply with Washington State and King County Department of Health guidelines and recommendations. We will continue to monitor updates and recommendations from the State and County Health Departments to stay current on our health and safety procedures and protocols.


Jodi Bongard Signature
Jodi Bongard
Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education

Susan Mundell Signature
Susan Mundell
Executive Director of Elementary Education

Maple Hills Hybrid Handbook

2020-2021 Maple Hills In Person Hybrid Learning Handbook