Soaring Eagles

Students who choose to make positive choices outlined in Maple Hills’ Expectations will be recognized for their positive behavior. (We emphasize the word “choose” to reinforce with the students that they, themselves, can direct in large measure how their life takes shape through the choices they make.)

These are some of the ways we recognize appropriate choices:

  • Class Plans - Each class will establish expectations and reinforce and recognize appropriate, positive behavior.
  • Individual Recognition - We recommend reminding students to reward themselves by enjoying the feeling of pride in a job well done. They can take this pride and “work ethic” with them as a lifetime skill to self-motivate and build positive self-esteem.
  • School Wide Recognition - Students are recognized through a “Soaring Eagles” program. Students, whose actions and behaviors demonstrate the Eagle Promise and Soaring Eagle expectations are shared with the principal by Maple Hills’ staff members. Each week, selected Soaring Eagle students are announced school-wide over the loudspeaker. These students will bring home a Soaring Eagle certificate as part of their recognition.  Every “Soaring Eagle” is gathered by grade level to earn a grade level reward when reaching a certain number.  Students can also earn a school wide reward by putting all the “Soaring Eagles” together.  In this way, every single “Soaring Eagle” is important!