Read Aloud Week

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Monday is  “Movement Monday” -  dress up in active wear today.  Classes will explore books about being active during Library, PE and Music.  Our own author, Susanna Stratford, will also make an appearance in a few classes promoting yoga and showing her book Mama Yoga.


Tuesday is “Author Day” - dress up in animal attire.  Ben Clanton will be here.  He is the author of Narwhal and Jelly, among others. Below is his schedule for that day.


Wednesday is “We Read Wednesday” – come in your PJ’s, bring a stuffed animal and a blanket.  We will have an all-school read-in from 10:25-10:45.  This will take place in your own classrooms.  You could buddy up with a class if you want to.  And, bring in a photo of yourself reading.  It can be a photo taken a while ago, or a recent one.  All photos will be added to a bulletin board in the main hallway. 


Thursday is “Thoughtful Thursday” – bring in a gently used book to donate to the office, the health room, a teacher, a bus driver, or the brand new recess book tub that the peer helpers will put out during recess. 


Friday is “Photo Friday” – we will do an all-school photo of us all reading at 3:15 in the MPR. This will be a quick, staged event.  We won’t really have time to do much reading.  We just want to have the cool photo.  I might be standing up on a ladder to get the pic.  Devon, does your camera do wide angle?