Parking & Traffic Safety

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

We need your help and cooperation to start and end our day safely!

The start and end of each day presents a unique challenge to us. We are stretched thin in our
supervision, activity all around our building reaches a peak, and the mix of people in a rush, people
socializing and cars and kids in the same area makes us all nervous. So please help us keep kids
safe and make for an efficient transition by following these procedures. If you prefer to walk your
child to their assigned class door, please feel free to park and do so. At the end of the day if you
park, please wait for your child at the assigned exterior door for your child’s class (not the inside
class door please).


  • Drop-off time begins at 9:00 am.
  • The Tardy Bell rings at 9:15 am. After 9:15 am students are tardy.


  • Pull into the parking lot (get those kids ready with backpacks in hand).
  • When you get to the sidewalk, pull as far forward as possible.
  • Students then exit out the PASSENGER SIDE ONLY as quickly as possible.
    • **NOTE** we are now unloading at both the yellow and
      the red painted curbside.
  • Driver may then carefully and slowly exit the drop off zone.

Getting to Class

  • Students should immediately go to the back of the
    building to their class line/door per their teacher’s
    instructions. If the class has already entered the
    building students should go straight to class through
    the appropriate entry.
    • **NOTE** Students who arrive after drop-off is concluded
      are considered a late arrival and their parent must check
      them in with the office. (If the EA is gone, drop-off has
      concluded and students should go to the office with their


  • Students should be watching for their car and not be playing.
  • The driver should pull forward in the pick-up zone as far as possible. Do not stop where the student is waiting.
  • When a student sees his or her car and the car comes to a stop, she/he should walk to the stopped car and get in the passenger side.
  • After the student is securely in his/her seat, the driver may carefully and slowly leave the pickup zone and exit the parking lot.