Student Placement Process

Special Considerations & Parent Input into Classroom Placement

IMPORTANT: Parent Input is due by Friday, May 3rd.

Dear Newcastle Families,

Each spring we complete a thorough and thoughtful process to place students in classes for the following fall.

Our priorities in creating class placements are as follows:

  1. Meeting special needs for students with diagnosed disabilities or qualifying conditions.
  2. Creating balanced classes considering academic, social and demographic factors.
  3. Creating a mix of students in each class to promote a positive social and learning environment.
    1. Avoid known severe student conflicts
    2. Avoid negative impact other issues based on previous experiences


  • All teachers are committed to and capable of providing a positive learning experience with clear structures, strategies for engaging students and a commitment to building positive relationships with all children.
  • All teachers are committed to engaging with families through proactive communication and responding to needs of families and children.
  • We have a strong common curriculum taught across all our classrooms as aligned to state and district standards and our school mission.

Where does parent input fit into this process? Consider completing a parent input form in the following circumstances.

  • Your child has a diagnosed medical/psychological disability or unique condition.
  • Your child has had abnormally high levels of conflict with another student and you believe the two should be separated from each other.
  • You have personal history that should affect your child’s placement.

Please do not complete this form to ask that your child be placed with specific friends. We expect all students to make new friends and work with a variety of students in their classes. Requests for placement with specific students or teachers cannot be used in the placement process.


The parent input process is not intended to offer the opportunity to request or describe a specific teacher. Any request to be placed with a specific teacher cannot be used in student placement.

Communication is key, within our staff team and with parents, but we are seeking a balance. We want to know if there are major concerns about class placement and transition into the next grade. At the same time, class placement is already a complex and time intensive challenge, so we are asking for letters that focus on UNIQUE needs.

For most families, initiating with their new teacher in August about transition concerns is the most effective way to foster communication and ensure that their child’s needs are met by their teacher. But for parents who feel their concerns are significant enough that it may impact classroom placement, we have implemented the parent input process where parents may submit a letter to share concerns or issues that may impact placement or transition planning. Please use this process rather than approaching your child’s teacher about future placements. Your letter will be kept confidential as reviewed by the principal, dean and/or counselor, but summary of considerations for placement will be shared appropriately with staff assisting with class placements.

Once a letter following the format below is received, the administrative team will determine if the parent input can be used to assist class placement. Though all parent input is read and honored, submission of parent input is not a guarantee that the school will be able to accommodate each parent request.

Directions: Use this template (cut and paste) to submit your Parent Input by email or ask for a form from the office to submit on paper. Submissions are made to our Principal, Tod Wood at


*** 504 & IEP Accommodations are automatically factored into class placement, so if you have an IEP or 504 plan you do not need to submit this form. ***


Student’s Name:

Student’s Current Grade:

Student’s Current Teacher:

Parent’s Name Completing this form:

Parent’s email address of preference:

Parent’s phone number of preference:

What is this student’s unique need &/or significant concern? (Examples: past conflict with certain peer, medical concern, social/emotional concerns, ADHD, severe anxiety or depression…)




What would you like the school to consider during classroom placement or in planning for the student’s transition? (Example: my child has experienced ongoing conflict with a specific child…)