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Highlands Property Acquisition for a New Elementary School - Update and Discussion from April 25 School Board Meeting Available on Podcast.

Posted by L Michelle on May 01, 2018

After being granted access to the proposed elementary school site property in the Highlands by the City of Issaquah, the Issaquah School District has been performing due diligence testing on site. Superintendent Thiele informed the Board that the Arborist report shows the presence of Laminated Root Rot infection in some areas of the trees on the site and hillside. Some community members have expressed a desire to keep the school building  from being visible from the valley floor. The infected trees are likely to infect adjoining trees in coming years, exposing the area where the school would be built.

Further, initial Geotech investigations indicate a potential deep-seated slide hazard during a strong seismic event. ISD has contracted for further Geotech testing and deeper drilling (could be up to 200 feet) to better define the deeper subsurface conditions to provide a more accurate assessment of slope stability. The goal is to have a final Geotech report available in time for the May 14 Issaquah City Council workstudy. In light of these concerns, Superintendent Thiele asked that the board table Resolution 1113 until the due diligence process is complete. The Board agreed to table the resolution until a later date when more information is available. Listen to a podcast of the April 25, 2018 board meeting. Discussion on this agenda item occurs between 0:58 minutes and 1:25.