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Providence Heights ISD Settlement Agreement to Providence Point Umbrella Homeowners Association Not Accepted

Posted by L Michelle on January 14, 2020

Update: January 21, 2020

Note: The settlement offer we shared with the community on January 14, 2020 was not accepted by the Providence Point Umbrella Homeowners Association. Our message regarding that proposed agreement is below.

The Issaquah City Council voted 5-2 at its January 21, 2020 regular meeting to approve land designation and zoning at Providence Heights as Community Facilities CF-F. We are thankful to the City Council and look forward to working with our municipal partners, the residents of Providence Point, and other neighboring communities to mitigate the impact as much as we possible as we build these much needed schools.

The next step in that process will be for the District to submit a formal pre-application packet to the City of Issaquah, followed by a full application, community conferences, staff reviews, staff reports, and a recommendation by City staff to the City Council for a decision. According to the City, the length of time for reviewing and rendering a decision on the Master Site Plan will vary an estimated 4-8 months and depends upon staffing resources and the number of resubmittals ISD is required to submit. We will keep you informed as we work through the process over the coming months.

January 14, 2020,

ISD Community,

On December 10, 2019, the Issaquah School District (ISD) shared proposed commitments with the community regarding the development and use of the ISD’s Providence Heights Property for High School #4 and Elementary #17. These commitments were in response to some of the concerns heard by the District from neighbors in the adjacent Providence Point community. The ISD has now taken a further step to put these commitments into a proposed formal, legally binding settlement agreement with the Providence Point Umbrella Homeowners Association (HOA).This settlement agreement has been shared with the Providence Point Umbrella HOA. We are hopeful that the Umbrella Association will agree to the proposed settlement agreement.  

As most who have been following this long journey know, the Issaquah City Council will consider the re-designation and rezone of the Providence Heights Property as a part of the City of Issaquah’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan docket at the City Council’s January 21, 2020 regular meeting. If the Council re-designates and re-zones the property to Community Facilities and CF-F respectively, which would permit use of the property for the two schools, the settlement agreement would require that any ISD development include an average 60 foot vegetated buffer, with a minimum of 20 feet at its narrowest, and sight obscuring landscape screening in excess of minimum code requirements for both area and type.  

The agreement also formalizes our participation in ongoing communication with neighboring property owners, measures to encourage alternatives to single occupancy vehicle traffic, and design and operational considerations for minimizing impacts of any stadium built on the property. However, it must be noted that decisions made by the City of Issaquah and Issaquah City Council throughout the project permitting process and site plan reviews must facilitate these commitments. The full settlement agreement is posted on our website.

Detailed historical information about the efforts of the ISD to acquire and build on this property, links to Issaquah City Council videos and documents, and a conceptual site plan showing the vegetated buffer as included in the settlement agreement are available on ISD’s Providence Heights web page. For more information, please contact Chief Financial Officer, Jake Kuper at 425-837-7016 or by email at