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Elementary Technology Tip: Trouble logging in to sites like BrainPop or Zearn?

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on March 26, 2020

If you are having trouble logging into any of the websites below, it may be because you need to enter these websites through Clever to access your account. If you are denied content on these sites when provided a link to one of these sites, log into Clever, select the site then try the link you were provided again.

Clever provides access to the following websites:

  • Actively Learn (Reading)
  • BrainPop & PBainPop Jr. (Various content)
  • Zearn (Math)
  • Quaver (Music)
  • (Coding)
  • Seesaw (productivity)

To log in through Clever: (Click Here)

Student usernames are the first four letters of last name followed by first three letters of first name and then two digit graduation year.

  • Example for a student named John Smith, graduating in 2030: SmitJoh30
  • Please check with your child's teacher for the password.

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