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School Board Meeting Updates: Return to In-Person, Student Mental Health, Official District Communications

Posted on February 1, 2021

During Thursday night’s meeting of the Issaquah School Board the following topics were presented, discussed, and voted on. Please join us as we work to further connect the District and community.

Reopening Schools to In-Person Hybrid Learning

The School Board heard from Superintendent Thiele regarding the District’s plan to begin an in-person hybrid option for Kindergarten through 3rd grade. At the time of the meeting negotiations with our teacher’s union, Issaquah Education Association, were ongoing. We are happy to share there is now a tentative agreement between the two parties. Further details will be distributed early this coming week.

Student Mental Health Presentation

Director of Student Interventions, Pam Ridenour, presented the strategic plan the Issaquah School District has implemented to meet the social emotional needs of all students using Tiered Intervention System for students. To learn more about Tiered Intervention Systems, visit our district site.

High School Graduation Requirements, Class of 2025

Executive Director of High Schools, Donna Hood, presented the School Board with updated graduation requirements for next year's incoming freshman class. The Board passed a resolution adopting the new graduation requirements.

Monitoring of Executive Limitation #16 Equity

Superintendent Thiele and Executive Director of Equity, Alaina Sivadasan, led a discussion on equity initiatives. The Equity Department highlighted some of their focuses from the 2019-20 school year. The Board voted to accept this monitoring report as presented.

Capital Projects Update

Director of Capital Projects, Tom Mullins, provided an update on the District’s construction projects including the construction of Elementary #16 and Middle School #6. These are both 2016 Bond Projects, set to open in the fall of 2021. To learn more about the Capital Projects, visit the district site.

Works in Progress Update

Superintendent Thiele explained the District’s process for sending important messages. In general, we send official District messages first to the ISD School Board and other members of the leadership team, to all ISD staff, and then to parents and the broader community. This sequence of communication is intended to give staff members time to read and process the information before it is shared more broadly. Superintendent Thiele spoke of his growing concern around internal district communications being shared by staff on social media before the District has an opportunity to make them public with our normal cadence of communications.

As a friendly reminder, the Issaquah School District will send official District communication using only the channels listed below:

Other Facebook accounts or groups, websites, or media channels are not operated or endorsed by the District.

You can view recordings of this and other past board meetings on the ISD YouTube channel. You can also see future meetings on this channel or via Zoom. Check the District website for more information on attending meetings, giving public comments, or reading the minutes of past meetings.

The board’s next meeting is scheduled for February 11.