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i-Ready Score Reports available now in Family Access for grades 1- 5

Posted on October 19, 2021
This fall, all Issaquah students in grades 1-5 participated in the i-Ready assessment in both reading and math. The i-Ready Assessment is an online program that assesses student strengths and areas for growth. Information from i-Ready allows teachers and schools to personalize learning and monitor student progress throughout the school year.
i-Ready Reading and Math fall assessment score reports are now available in Family Access. Parents can log into Family Access and view score reports by following these directions. 
To learn more about how to understand your Family Assessment report, visit the ISD i-Ready Family Assessment Report page. When reading the assessment reports, please keep the following in mind:

1. No one assessment captures all a student is able to do. School staff will use i-Ready scores along with other assessments and observations to determine your student’s learning needs.

2. The assessment reports indicate achievement in several areas of reading and math using three descriptors.

  • Approaching Grade Level means the student is working toward the level of proficiency expected by the end of their grade level. This is an appropriate and expected score for a student in the fall.
  • At or Above Grade Level means the student has demonstrated proficiency of their year-end grade level standards.
  • Needs Improvement means the student has a gap or difficulty in that area and would benefit from support.

3. i-Ready is an academic skills assessment. It is referred to as a screener or a diagnostic, but it is NOT a test that can diagnose a learning disability.

The i-Ready Family Center provides extensive information about i-Ready for families, including videos and documents in multiple languages. Guidance for families to help understand i-Ready and how they can support their child are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Haitian Creole.

To learn more about the i-Ready Assessments please use the following links:
Student Learning Plans. If your student is being provided learning support through our Title 1 or Learning Assistance Programs (LAP), a student learning plan will be emailed to you. Title 1 / LAP staff will follow up the email.