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Information on Issaquah High Math SBA Scores - Tenth Grade Testing Omission

Posted on August 21, 2018

Tenth Grade Testing Omission at Issaquah High School

What happened:
Some Issaquah High School 10th grade students were not offered the Math Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) due to an error in administering the test.

How students were affected:
Students who did not take the test lost one opportunity to meet this high school state graduation requirement.

How we are ensuring student success moving forward:

  • Students who did not have the opportunity to take the Math SBA test will be scheduled to test in fall 2018. 
  • If a student does not meet proficiency on the fall 2018 test, they will be scheduled for the spring 2019 administration. 
  • Should additional testing opportunities be needed, students will be scheduled for the fall 2019 or spring 2020 administration of the Math SBA.

SAT/ACT Waivers:
Students who have attempted the state test at least once may access alternatives to state testing requirements. For example, a qualifying SAT or ACT score may be submitted to meet the state testing requirement. 

Class of 2018-2020:

Graduation Assessment Requirement

SAT with Essay
(March 2016 or later)

(March 2016 or later)

ACT with Writing

ACT(no Writing)®






English Language Arts






If a student does not meet proficiency by the end of their 11th grade year:
Students will be enrolled in a 12th grade math course that teaches content equivalent to the standards assessed on the Math SBA. This class will provide an alternative way to meet the state Math graduation requirement.

The Impact of the Testing Error on State Standard Reporting and School Rankings:

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction publishes a Report Card for every school in Washington using scores from the Smarter Balanced Assessment in English Language Arts and Math, as well as the Washington Comprehensive Assessment in Science. Many online school ranking companies use metrics that include state scores in their algorithm.

  • Ninety-six percent of 10th grade students who were administered the Math SBA met proficiency!
  • However, per OSPI, zeros will be recorded for the students who did not test.
  • This will bring the school’s Math SBA percentage passed scores down on the OSPI report card and other high school ranking sites.
  • Issaquah High School’s scores for Math should return to normal with the next testing cycle reported in fall 2019 when all student scores are reflected on the OSPI report card.