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Bus Driver Charged

Posted on September 20, 2019

The Issaquah School District has learned that one of its bus drivers has been arrested under suspicion of child rape and molestation. According to law enforcement, the allegations of criminal conduct and arrest are not related to any of the driver’s work with the District.

Upon receiving information related to the arrest and booking of the driver into jail, the driver was immediately placed on administrative leave and denied access to District transportation, events, and premises. It is the District’s understanding that, since his arrest, the driver remains in jail. 

While the District has no indication from law enforcement that the allegations leading to the arrest are related to any of the driver’s work for the District, we are reaching out directly to the parents or guardians of students who may have been transported by the driver.

Please know that student safety is always our highest priority and the District will continue to cooperate with law enforcement.