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17 Students from ISD FCCLA Chapters Take Gold, Headed to State

Posted by User Not Found on 18 February, 2016

In early February, students from the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, FCCLA, Chapters at Issaquah, Liberty, and Skyline High Schools competed at the Region 4 Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) Events competition. The competition was held at Ingraham High School, where more than 100 students competed. Students participated in a variety of events throughout the day that showcased student leadership projects and addressed important personal, family, work, and societal issues. Students from all three high schools won gold awards that qualified them to move on to the State competition in March.

From Issaquah High School: the team of Melyssa Choi, Julie Kwon, and Hannah Judson took gold in the Advocacy category, Hannah Dyer took gold for her Chapter Service Project Portfolio, and Jackie Stephens took gold in the Career Investigation category.

From Liberty High School: the team of Gabriella Oliver and Madison Hammond took gold in the Senior Division Illustrated Talk category, the team of Alica Chase and Kelli Anderson took gold in the Senior Division Sports Nutrition category, and Nicole Winters took gold in the Junior Division Illustrated Talk category.

From Skyline High School: the team of Amina Aijaz and Sarah Jackson took gold in the Advocacy category, Ashley Crews took gold in the Advocacy category, the team of Sabrina Fischer, Sanjana Garg, and Emily Jackson took gold in the Focus on Children category, and Elena Runyan took gold in the Focus on Children category.

FCCLA empowers young women and men to be active leaders in their family, school, and community. Its programs encourage teamwork, positive communications, healthy relationships, community involvement, financial management, and career development. Involvement in FCCLA helps students develop skills that are necessary in the home and the workplace, such as planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making, and interpersonal communication.

Special thanks to the FCCLA Advisors, Sarah Orton (IHS), Donna Abbey (LHS), and Kelsey Smersh (SHS), and all of the Issaquah School District students who participated.