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Taproot Theater

Allies Ahoy at Sunset Elementary School

Posted by User Not Found on 4 March, 2016

On Friday, January 30, Sunset Elementary school students enjoyed an educational and entertaining assembly on bullying, called, “Allies Ahoy,” performed by the Taproot Theater Company. During the play, students were transported into a story about a boy who falls asleep and dreams of pirates. In the dream, the boy is faced with pirates who were not very kind. Throughout the play the boy learns how to deal with bullying and how it can hurt others.

After the play concluded, the actors joined the student audience and taught them about the three R’s: Recognize, Report, Refuse. They recommended students use the three R’s when faced with any kind of bullying situation and added tips such as taking deep breaths, counting backwards, and thinking of something calming to help manage tough emotions. Along with the three R’s, the actors talked with students about empathy. Empathy is understanding and caring about what others are feeling. Students learned to look at another person’s face to see their expressions to help determine what they might be feeling.

These ideas were very helpful suggestions for students to combat bullying and understand their emotions. This educational production was made possible thanks to funding from the Sunset PTA.