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Beaver Lake Assistant Principal Honored

Posted by User Not Found on 6 May, 2015

Congratulations to Marilee Bosshart, Assistant Principal at Beaver Lake Middle School, who was recently named King County South Region Assistant Principal of the Year for 2014-2015.

Steven Rabb, Association of Washington Middle Level Principals President shared, “The contributions you have made to your school, your students, and to your community are noteworthy and deserving of recognition. The responsibilities of assistant principals are many and significant, but too often go unrecognized.”

In her nomination letter, Principal Stacy Cho shared, “Marilee is an outstanding, dedicated, passionate, organized, and thoughtful Assistant Principal. Safety is her top priority. Marilee formed a safety committee with teachers, office staff, EAs and students that reviewed concerns and current practices. Marilee partnered with our PTSA to create emergency backpacks and shelter in place buckets for each classroom. She also secured two additional emergency containers. Marilee created cheat sheets for our staff to follow in case of an emergency. She had laminated signs posted on every classroom window so emergency personnel could quickly identify rooms from the outside.

Marilee supports our belief that Beaver Lake Middle School has a place for everyone. Marilee partners with our ASB advisors and spends time in the leadership class helping develop student leaders. She brings the student voice to staff conversations.

Marilee educates first when disciplining. Marilee believes in partnering with families and makes it a priority to call home. She encourages teachers to call parents if there is a concern. 

Marilee supports our students that have aversion plans and she has been called to help deescalate a student. Marilee also works with students with school avoidance or severe anxiety.

Marilee is a strong instructional leader, supporting our teachers and guiding them through the new evaluation process. She asks thoughtful questions and holds students and staff accountable for their behaviors. Marilee brought a plethora of experiences and information from her previous district experience which she has put to full use at Beaver Lake by creating a new school wide intervention during school to support our students with the skill but not the will.”