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Briarwood Literacy Night Transforms School into Living Game Board

Posted by User Not Found on 10 March, 2016

Using their own mobile devices, students and their parents embarked on a scavenger-hunt type adventure at Briarwood Elementary School. For Briarwood’s Literary Night the school was transformed into a living game board, with location-based technology (beacons) hidden throughout the school. Moving along the hallways, students collected digital trading cards and magical casting spells that allowed them to change the state of the literary game everyone was playing. This event, known as BattleKasters, was inspired by the Alane Adam’s book The Red Sun which is an extension of Norse mythology. BattleKasters has proven to be an exciting way to engage students in reading.

The literary night was a big hit, drawing more than 125 students and families to Briarwood for an exciting evening of gameplay, reading, and raising money. Prior to the game, Alane gave an inspiring presentation about the super powers of reading and why writing is legendary.

Throughout the night, Alane visited with students and signed books. Dozens of books were also sold and a portion of the proceeds raised several hundred dollars for Briarwood. The BattleKasting for Literacy team also visited Clark Elementary School.