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Cascade Ridge Elementary Holds Kindness Week

Cascade Ridge Elementary Holds Kindness Week

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 6 June, 2018

The week of May 21-24 was Kindness Week at Cascade Ridge Elementary! Students were reminded of what is means to be kind, and urged to listen and look for acts of kindness. Students received a "kindness coin" at the beginning of the week. They were encouraged to hand it to someone they saw being kind and name the act so the recipient would know why they were getting the coin. Then, they were encouraged to pass on that coin - continuing to look for acts of kindness!

Students also wrote on the Cascade Ridge Kindness Graffiti Wall. They drew pictures or wrote words about what it means to them to be kind. All week in their classes and in the lunch room students were reminded what being kind looks like and sounds like. Staff at Cascade Ridge saw so many great acts of kindness!

In the Cascade Ridge Café students had an opportunity to come on stage and tell about acts of kindness they experienced throughout the week. There were so many great examples shared. Staff loved hearing from students themselves about how they are spreading and receiving kindness! Let's keep the kindness flowing!