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Cascade Ridge Math Club Teams Finish Strong in Math is Cool and WA State Math Competitions

Posted by User Not Found on 23 May, 2016

Congratulations to the fourth and fifth grade students on the Cascade Ridge Elementary School Math Club teams who recently placed third and second in the “Math is Cool” competition. The teams competed against nine schools in the 1B Division.

Along with the “Math is Cool” competition, the fourth and fifth grade Math Club teams also participated in the Washington State Math Championship during spring break. This state-wide competition was a fun challenge for students to use the math skills they have learned throughout the year.

PTSA Math Club Chair, Kanika Arora shared, “The second and third place finishes are owed to the hard work and learning of students throughout the year thanks to weekly team meetings. This also would not have been possible without the Math Club team dedicated parent volunteers, Elsa Curro, Jyot Kumar, Reham Shehata, Veena Rao, Ajita Gopikrishnan, Ripal Shah, Ritu Chatterjee, and Olga Lepekhina who coach the Math Club teams. They keep the kids motivated and make math so much fun for them.”