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Cascade Ridge Students Question How Science Touches Our Everyday Lives

Posted by User Not Found on 18 May, 2016

More than 280 students showcased their creative and innovative experiments during the PTA Science Fair night. Throughout the event, young student scientists shared their projects, experiments, and conclusions with the judging team. Based on their presentations and use of the scientific method, students were awarded a blue ribbon in one of the four categories: Terrific Topic, Dazzling Display, Magnificent Topic, or Remarkable Results. 

Students and teachers also voted for their favorite experiments for grades Kindergarten through second (K-2) and third through fifth (3-5). Awards to the following students were presented during the fair in front of their parents and fair attendees. The Coolest Display Award: Mateo Olivestro (K-2) and Rylee Stevens (3-5), the Most Unique Topic Award: Isha Patil and Olivia Kovach (K-2) and Tanner Jones (3-5), the Most Disgusting Award: Kendall McCandlish (K-2) and Michael Roni (3-5),  the Most Useful in My Everyday Life Award: John Rohleder (K-2) and Ethan Morrissey (3-5), the Green Award for the greatest impact in helping the Earth: Lincoln Bloom (K-2) and Megan Barrett (3-5).

Along with student experiments, 18 external exhibitors made the evening a wonderful learning experience with scientific experiment performances and live animal demonstrations that engaged audiences of all ages.

Prior to the Science Fair, the PTA kicked-off the event with the "Super Cool Science Show" by Pacific Science Center. The show captured the imagination of student’s young minds and laid the foundation for building excitements about science.