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Challenger Elementary School Celebrates Their Ninth Annual Festival of Cultures

Posted by User Not Found on 9 February, 2015

The Comet Choir opened a night of cultural festivities at Challenger Elementary School that transported families around the globe. Students dressed in traditional costumes paraded around the room as parents shared their families’ cultural histories. Each country was portrayed on a table with a display board, artifacts, and delicious samples of indigenous food while students performed martial arts demonstrations, dances, and songs.

Globetrotting students and their families used sample passport books to travel from booth to booth. At each booth, students were asked questions about the country. Students who correctly answered the questions were awarded with stamps in their passport book. Students who received a stamp from each country were presented a coupon for a free popcorn bag from the PTSA.

Along with cultural booths and performances students were also encouraged to visit the games table which hosted Monopoly in Spanish, world GEO Bingo, Flag Frenzy, coloring pages, and USA and World maps for students to place map pins on their place of origin.

This popular PTA-sponsored event encourages students and their families to come enjoy themselves as they learn a little bit more about the different countries their classmates are from.