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Challenger Fourth Graders Start Make a Difference Club

Challenger Fourth Graders Start Make a Difference Club

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 15 May, 2018
At the beginning of May a group of fourth graders from Challenger Elementary formed a club to help change the world. The Challenger Make a Difference Club is full of students who wish to make a difference both at Challenger and throughout the greater community. Students are encouraged to think globally when it comes to solving problems they are passionate about. At the first meeting, students viewed some important messages from Kid President on YouTube, and began discussing what topics they would like to take action on. 

Students were very passionate about school safety, polluting, oil leaks, littering, crime, animal rights, global warming, homelessness, deforestation, and hunting for sport. Students will be writing letters to local and world leaders about some of these topics. In addition, the students will help beautify some flower beds on the Challenger campus. Student also hope to partner with a local charity to support the homeless in Issaquah and the Eastside. 

Club sponsor, Natalie Gerber (second grade teacher at Challenger), hopes that in the few short weeks that are left in the school year the club will help students understand that with perseverance and courage, they can make a difference at any age.