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Maywood Middle School paraeducator Elizabeth Malla smiles to the camera. A group of students is in the background

Classified School Employees Week: Celebrating the People who Keep our Schools Running Smoothly

Posted by Devin Felix on 9 March, 2020

Classified School Employees Week is March 9-13, and we’ll recognize a classified employee or group of employees each day this week. These are the employees who do the work to keeps our schools running so that students can focus on learning.

Today, meet paraeducator Elizabeth Malla. She’s worked as a paraprofessional in the Issaquah School District for the past 20 years and spent nearly all of that time at Maywood Middle School, where she supports Special Education students and helps supervise students at lunch.

“I look at the school and the people that I work with my family and village,” Elizabeth says. “Everybody has a something that they put into the job in different ways.” She says she loves the interactions with the students: “I like the challenges they pose, and I also learn from them.”

It takes a lot of time, work and dedication to keep our schools running, and it couldn’t happen without our classified staff. They provide crucial support in classrooms. They ensure buildings are clean, safe and functional. They make school technology work. They drive kids safely to school and back. They prepare the meals that let students focus on learning. They serve students, staff and parents in our offices. They show students what hard work and commitment look like.

To all our classified staff: Thank you!