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Classified School Employees Week: Celebrating the People who Keep our Schools Running Smoothly

Posted by Devin Felix on 13 March, 2020

For the final day of Classified School Employees Week, meet the kitchen staff of Sunny Hills Elementary School: Donna Magnuson, Melanie Troutman, and Monica Pak. They recently played a big role in developing several scratch-made recipes that will be served at their school and other schools in the district. Like all of our district’s nutrition staff, they make sure students aren’t hungry so they can focus on learning.

Donna has worked at Sunny Hills for 21 years, Melanie has worked in the district for nine years, and Monica is in her first year. Donna and Melanie both attended Sunny Hills themselves when they were kids!

“We work as a team to solve problems and make the kitchen run easier,” Donna says.

Thank you to all our classified staff! It takes a lot of time, work and dedication to keep our schools running, and it couldn’t happen without you.