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Coding in Kindergarten at Cougar Ridge

Coding in Kindergarten at Cougar Ridge!

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 21 December, 2016
Over the past two weeks, Cougar Ridge Elementary classes have experimented with coding for Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code!
Last Monday, students were introduced to the concept of coding through an “unplugged” coding lesson in our classroom. Last Tuesday, Ms. Rimma came in to show the class interactive demos using cognitive services such as recognizing students' emotions, ages, creating fun characters, and other engaging activities. Students loved having the chance to see what real life professionals in the field do and what they, too, could do once they learn how to program and code. Ms. Rimma also shared that the very first coder was a GIRL! How cool!
The final session, which was postponed due to the snow delay, happened on Monday, December 19. Mr. Bryan came in to share the child-friendly coding program,, with the Cougar Ridge students. Together they went to the computer lab and students had the opportunity to experiment with the coding program. They loved coding their monster characters to move the necessary directions in order to earn their coins and proceed to the next level. Great job, coders!