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Technology specialist Craig Sakai poses by a group of computers at Discovery Elementary

Classified School Employees Week: Celebrating the People who Keep our Schools Running Smoothly

Posted by Devin Felix on 10 March, 2020

It’s Classified School Employees Week! Every day this week, we recognize a classified employee or group of employees. These are the people who do the work that keeps our schools running so that students can focus on learning.

Meet Craig Sakai, a technology specialist at Discovery Elementary. Craig spent 32 years working at Boeing and began working part-time for the District after retiring.

“This is only my second year as a technology specialist, and it has been a blast so far,” Craig says. “I find it very fulfilling to help the teachers focus on teaching the kids by keeping their technology running. I am amazed at how much work is put into the lesson plans and the actual teaching of kids. I love working behind the scenes to make the jobs of our staff more efficient.” It takes a lot of time, work, talent and dedication to keep our schools running, and it couldn’t happen without our classified staff.

Thank you to all our classified staff!