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CTE Program Holds Annual Showcase to Present Outstanding Student Work from the 2016-17 School Year

CTE Program Holds Annual Showcase to Present Outstanding Student Work from the 2016-17 School Year

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 30 May, 2017
Every year the Career and Technical Education department hosts the CTE Showcase, at which each CTE teacher in the Issaquah School District recognizes one outstanding student from each course that they teach (ex. Material Science, Journalism, etc.). This year, 48 students total took part in the showcase, which was on May 9. Teachers were asked to nominate students who showed a great deal of growth, participated in various leadership activities and roles, and served as a role model to their peers. Students brought a completed project in conjunction with the class they were nominated for to put on display in the Issaquah School district boardroom at the Administration Building.

Examples of projects showcased this year include:

Kyle Hoffman (Issaquah High – Photography 2) – Kyle showed off his passion and skills for photography with a beautiful display of various photographs taken throughout the school year.

Pierce Brown (Issaquah High – Fashion and Merchandising) – Pierce was ecstatic that the Fashion and Merchandising class was offered this year, and loved having the sewing machines and other important equipment in class readily available. Pierce has a “passion for fashion” and shared that she is attending the University of Hawaii next year to continue studying fashion.

Bethany Locke (Liberty – DECA) – Bethany worked to promote the “Sound to Greenway” DECA project. She worked with elementary students as well as anyone else who was interested in learning about the project throughout the school year. Bethany attended the DECA World Competition and gave an outstanding presentation with her team.

Cadet Senior Chief Luke Ransom (Liberty – Naval Science 3) and Cadet Seaman Olivia Van Ry (Liberty – Naval Science 1) – Luke and Olivia had the largest display at the showcase, which included a laptop display of various events the NJROTC students have participated in this year. Dressed in their uniforms, Luke and Olivia shared their experience of being a part of the Colored Guard and the Armed Drill Team. The students were accompanied by John D. Deehr, Captain USN (Retired) Senior Naval Science Instructor.

Regarding Luke, Deehr stated, “From the very beginning of the year, it was apparent that Luke possessed the talent and desire to be a leader. As the Platoon Leader for Bravo Platoon, he prepared his platoon for the Annual Military Inspection by teaching uniform regulations and requirements, basic military drill procedures, and general military knowledge requirements. Even after his term as Platoon Leader had ended, Luke trained his relief in inspection protocols. Additionally, Luke was the NJROTC Color Guard Commander of Color Guard Team 1. As such, he was responsible for training his team on proper Color Guard procedures for both ceremonies and competitions. Luke’s hard work paid off when his team placed third in the final drill meet of the season. Luke intends to pursue NROTC scholarship post high school and become a Naval Aviator.”

When nominating Olivia, Deehr stated, “Olivia joined the NJROTC program in the middle of the first semester and it was obvious from the first day that she possesses unlimited potential. She quickly learned and demonstrated a keen knowledge of all male and female uniform regulations and her performance at all weekly uniform inspections is unparalleled. Olivia also possesses an intense desire to succeed and stand out from her peers. Despite being new to both the school and the NJROTC program, she quickly got involved and became a key member of the Color Guard Team, and is now practicing to become a member of the Armed Drill Team. Additionally, Olivia quickly passed two advancement exams and is making rapid progress toward becoming a Petty Officer 3rd Class. Olivia intends to pursue an appointment to the Naval Academy.”

Congratulations to all the students that took part in this year’s CTE Showcase!